WTF is... Project Canvas?

Dead Vulture

Compared to Freeview and other solutions

Very rarely would I write this but Andrew Orlowski may be right on this topic. I don't expect FSF to be happy. Hence the Reg tombstone!

iPlayer is already available on Sony Blu-ray players (and very nice too). Eric Huggers also mentioned it was coming to Sony and Samsung TVs: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/bbcinternet/2010/03/erik_huggers_at_the_guardian_c.html

Samsung is already promoting heavily although I don't think it has appeared yet, Sony seem to be in stealth mode and haven't announced or promoted.

Canvas on a Sony TV - I really wouldn't hold my breath!

If Canvas was just specifications for online services it might have a chance outside the IP and broadcast connected PVR niche it is aiming for but Sony, Samsung, LG and even Panasonic are unlikely in my view hand the complete UI of the devices they market with their brands on them to the Canvas JV.

Regarding comparisons to Freeview which is just some additional local signaling on global standards and a completely common product can be sold across Europe (and much of the rest of the world too) with only a different plug and some settings on a per country basis is not a realistic base for whether it will be adopted.

Canvas was also developed avoiding the DTG and providing minimal information while using them as cover for secrecy.

Freesat which is a bigger divergence and an attempt at greater control has had products from Sony and LG last year but this year there is only Panasonic remaining and they are focusing more of Freeview HD.

What Canvas is really about is BBC envy of Sky's control over its platform and ability to update software across all devices. BBC want to get this without spending the money on buying these devices. They are missing the very features that has made Freeview successful such as the ability to embed it into all TVs at a reasonable cost.


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