Microsoft's IE 8 misses Windows 7 updraft


To say that post reflected the truth doesn't touch the half of it. Realistically, all HTML5 should have been was <video> tags and a couple of the input field types (date etc) - all the <header>/etc is really just rubbish that people will be forced into fussing over and using for no real reason. Hell, even <video> is questionable - it's something to consider after you've got consensus on standards, not just to force through and hope something emerges from the mess (when in reality we're just going to descend into browser-conditional video formats).

Whilst I use a mix of FF & Chrome for most of my browsing, I honestly don't mind IE8 (other than some speed problems I always seem to have on all my comps), and IE7 isn't really that bad - it's just IE6 that's the problem.


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