Labour to push for broadband tax before election

Black Helicopters

Here come the taxes...

I'm sure this won't be the last tax to miraculously appear in the next few years, regardless of whether we have a Labour, Tory or Lib Dem government.

Lets face it the country is now in massive debt due to bailing out various financial institutions and that money needs to be recouped as quickly as possible, in case they don't learn the lesson this time and do it all over again in the future.

So this is an ideal opportunity to slip in a tax that looks like it has a genuine purpose, even when it doesn't and add the revenue generated to the countries debt plan. Look out for more on the horizon people, there's plenty more things that can be taxed even more than they already are. Don't expect it to stop after a change of government either, they'll still need to pay the countries debts back somehow, as well as needing cash to fund all the new ideas they'll have once they get in.

So just see this as "Generic Tax 1", the fact it's supposedly on our phone lines is irrelevant.

Black helicopters as people are bound to think I'm a conspiracy nut......


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