Netbooks took a fifth of mobile PC biz in Q2


Not sure about the validity

You could have lumped microwave sales in with electric oven sales in the 1980s, and said sales of home cooking devices had gone up. But in fact most microwaves were bought by people who already had a cooker, so the sale of microwaves gave no clues at all to the health of the thermal cooker market.

I'm not sure it is valid to lump netbooks in with the rest of the "mobile market" and assume you are learning anything.

I have one, running Suse 11.1, and I use it for very different things to my flaptop. I use it as a web tablet, and as a replacement for my dab radio. And for VOIP

Perhaps sales of netbooks should be lumped in with DAB radios? or with cordless phones?

I think these numbers really mean:

* a lot of people bought into a new product category

* in other news, laptop sales are down


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