Ryanair cancels aggregator-booked tickets in escalating scraping war

Jobs Horns

Ryanair.com does *NOT* work properly with Firefox

Just to follow up on some comments here re Ryanair.com and Firefox: No actually it doesn't work. Yes, you can book tickets etc, but you can't print your boarding pass. With Firefox 3 on Linux anyway (just kills FF -- no idea why). And seeing that Microsoft have been scurrying around on their web site one wonders if it's a bug or feature.

What's worse: there is absolutely no way to report the bug, except to call a sex line number. Now I can image how that slowly that conversation will go.

Having said that I love Ryanair. Even if you dislike traveling with them they have put a huge downward pressure on air ticket costs. And Micheal O'Leary is always good for a laugh even if he's full of $h1t most of the time :-)


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