Rare Mac Trojan exploits Apple vuln


In Before it all!

Doesn't count as a real virus - Need to click download, lol windowstards we're still immune.

Only a matter of time - Knew this would be happening as soon as Macs grew Market share. Too much marketing spin, not enough concentration on how insecure your system is lolz Mactards!

Linux Wouldn't have this Problem - Well done Prop-tards another victory for fully open source movements, we'd have spotted the vulnerability months ago as a hive mind movement.. Just like we did with debia... oh...

New AV for Mac - Black helicopters, because look at this site: A new Mac AV tool has just been released and SUDDENLY we have viruses on our Macs... COINCIDENCE!

Government again! - Can take pictures of my house using built in Camera... SO THEY CAN SEE WHAT I'M DOING! Bets on this being another Blair/Bush/Brown/Brown peoplez idea to CONTROL our THOUGHTS like in 1974 By Steve Orwell... It's all coming true!!!


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