'Inexperienced' RBS tech operative's blunder led to banking meltdown

RBS don't seem to understand basic book-keeping

RBS is reported as saying that all Customer Accounts are back to normal. They may well be from a monetary perspective, but the data still remains corrupt.

I now have on my Account 3 BACS credits, one for nearly £500, all with a generic description of “RBS TRANS 220612”, which fails to identify the Customer or the Invoice number.

As I have over 200 Customers who might have paid me last week, I can’t be sure which ones these represent.

Furthermore I now have a Direct Debit for over £220 with the same description “RBS TRANS 220612” even though it was raised on 25th June. I don’t know who has raised the Direct Debit, nor what for – I’ve never had a D/D for this amount before.

I presume some programmer somewhere has simply decided to apply a generic description when they’ve lost the original description – the Bank balance is presumably now correct, but it means I can’t reconcile my Ledgers.


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