Pope Benedict in .XXX pro-Islam cybersquat drama


@Steven Roper

Yes, I know atheism is not a belief system and doesn't have a doctrine or standard practices, and is only the lack of it... Using that word in my previous post maybe wasn't the best decision, in the context.

Sadly that doesn't refrains a certain amount people to push their point of view* into everyone's faces as annoyingly and constantly as some religious congregations.

I have met persons, both in the internet and IRL, that just can't resist the urgency to tell world+dog how better that everyone else they are because they're atheist at any possible opportunity (and if the opportunity doesn't present itself, they'll create gladly).

I know they are a minority but they are a very vocal and annoying minority and they really give atheist a bad name, just as religious nutters do to the vast percentage of the population that is perfectly normal and adjusted, and just happen to believe in this or that god.

And yes, the world would be a better place if people just respected everyone's beliefs (or lack thereof) and just worked in peace, instead of promoting their position as "superior", by reason or force... I'll drink to that

*for lacking of a better word. "Pushing their absence of belief" would be more to the point, but sounds just weird


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