EFF accuses Warner of spamming DMCA takedown notices

Big Brother

Re: I always wondered.

Tell that to the porn sites that are following this exact business model.

How would someone know that it was "me" that posted it originally (aside from me just telling you), I will be the one hiring the IP trackers, unless the person I'm suing files with every ISP on the list (I gave them) for a "name on the contract for that IP at that time" they would have no idea that it was me.

And another thing, even locksmiths have to be "bonded", what kind of certification do these "IP trackers" have to be able to collect data? Where is the chain of evidence? Why are we allowing some "company" to collect data from random people, and then allow that "data" to be used to extort wild sums of money from people? Where are the checks and balances? Where is the 2nd "IP tracker", and their data that collaborates the first? Who is to say that they just don't make up any or all of their IP data, it's not like they are a government agency? They don't have your name, or anything, all they have is their document that says that this 4 qubit number was attached to this tracker at this time, they has to ask the IP for your name even. Some judge needs to start throwing out these cases.


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