Apple goes to European Commission with complaint about Motorola


Re: Re: Re: Slide to unlock, oh grow up Apple

No! Apple's "swipe gesture" is a copy regardless of whether Neonode patented it or not.

To be patentable, an invention is supposed to be:-

1. New or Novel: The invention must be demonstrably different from publicly available ideas, inventions, or products (prior art) - I don't think apples addition of a moving icon is demonstrably different.

2. Useful: The invention must have some application or utility or be an improvement over existing products and/or techniques - hardly an improvement on the technique used on the Neonode.

3. Non-Obvious: The invention cannot be obvious to a person of "ordinary skill" in the field; non-obviousness usually is demonstrated by showing that practicing the invention yields surprising, unexpected results - Well tickle my tits 'till Tuesday, the "gesture" is so obvious that it's the elephant in the room. I guess that this should rule out round corners as a patentable item as well, obvious because it makes a device easier to hold and it doesn’t do as much damage when thrown by a super model.

How in the name of $DEITY did crApple NEVER get a patent on this?????????

Oh, and I believe that under USPTO rules all prior art should be included in the patent application, to the best of my knowledge the crApple patent application does not include a reference to the Neonode. I wonder why?


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