Unions: MoD 'mad to fire staff while increasing consultant spending'

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Bonanza .....

" Full disclosure: Lewis Page is just bitter. Had he stayed in the Service he would certainly have been a lieutenant-commander now by time served, quite probably a commander (not so much because he was a great naval officer, even less so because his superiors considered him one, but purely and simply because so many of his generation left in disgust and as a result - combined with the increased numbers of senior billets - almost everybody who stayed has been promoted). Instead like a fool he's in the private sector paying for the commanders' fat salaries, pensions, boarding school fees etc."

The private military sector .... and especially the special future forces intelligence sector is a virtual goldmine, Lewis. Know what you are doing and do it better than anyone else and you can just name your price .... and tax-free, of course. And there is an embarrassment of clients spread all over the world willing to ensure you have whatever you need too.


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