3D is the future of cinema?

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3D is the future of cinema?

I can see why the studios love it. Get cinema attendances up, charge extra, new shiny. It's also being sold as a way for them to beat piracy, as few people have home 3D kit. Except that the content and TV industries are busily trying to get us to buy that very kit, thus negating this advantage.

I can see why some directors love it, as it's a new thing to play with.

But I don't get it myself. I've seen 2 3D movies now. Avatar I enjoyed the spectacle of. It was big, dumb fun. And there was enough to look at that I could ignore the clunking script. It was also my first 3D film, so when the boredom set in, I could play with what it looked like without the glasses.

I saw Thor 3D. Try saying that with a Fruit Pastille in your mouth. I enjoyed it. But the only 3D that worked seemed to be the end credits. I can't remember if that was retro-fitted 3D though, which would explain it. However it did give me a headache.

So 3D Future of Cinema [tm]!

Or, 3D The Fad Returns: then disappears again - Directed by Mark Kermode



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