Kodak to kill off digital cameras

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"Kodak's camera line had a low-end focus - a market now being consumed by smartphone sellers - and few models won particular praise for the firm."

Actually in the early days of digital Kodak made some pretty good stuff. Back before you heard the word megapixel bandied about (because compacts didn't generally boast that many) Kodak's compacts were well regarded. They also sold some pretty impressive full frame DSLRs, actually based on Nikon and Canon SLR bodies, that were well ahead of the stuff Nikon and Canon were making themselves. Indeed I know of at least one award winning pro who still uses Kodak branded DSLRs even though they've been off the market for six years.

In short Kodak started really well in the digitial camera market, but went right down the tubes due mainly to poor management decisions.


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