Undervalued TiVo wins yet another legal battle

TiVo invented the digital video recorder?

> TiVo has .. proven that it holds valid patents which not only resulted in the invention of the digital video recorder, but which also have developed .. search and recommendation, video metadata usage and new formats for advertising, as well as the collection of audience viewing data.

If could be argured that TiVo were first to file patent on the DVR not that they originally invented the concept or that such should even be patented. But we are talking about the US patent system which is patently broken. Any revenue accuring to TiVo in the AT&T legal action will most probably be provided by Microsoft as they had to imdemnify AT&T in the case. This may also impact on Microsofts' downstream users of its 'technology`. Microsoft is also claiming patents on 'technology related to program schedules and selection`. These claims are so broad that anyone implimenting timed recording on any digital device would be in violation.

As far as I am concerned I don't see how adding a tuner card to a PC and then sticking the letters 'DVR` on the front constitutes inventing the digital video recorder. The same goes for program listings, timed recordings etc. If I can paraphrase Jim Royle .. patented 'technology` my arse ..



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