Swiss-based Balesio takes the knife to PDF files

In some other news, pigs can't fly...


Storage is cheap, bandwidth (and not just the network one) isn't. A modern CPU will decompress a file in memory in far less time than it takes to pull a larger file from storage into memory. That's the reasoning behind moving flash>PCIE. Removing (or widening at least) the current bottleneck.

As for the matter at hand, it comes down to how much junk metadata the content creating app will jam into the PDF. Adobe apps are particularly nasty there, trust me, and compression will give you HUGE savings.

Stuff like CutePDF or PDFCreator have a much better time (and smaller output) because they get handed the "raw print data" stripped of all the junk. Compression will give some savings still, just not on a major scale.


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