US doctors demand right to advise on gun ownership

Much as I hate civilian gun ownership

Believe me, I really do hate the idea of civilians owning guns for "self defence" but frankly this really isn't part of a doctor's remit. This is a social issue. While it is appropriate for a doctor to say "I recommend with your medical conditions you not own a gun" in the same way as "I recommend that you stop driving for your own safety due to your medical conditions" it really isn't down to them to tell people what to do about guns.

Now that isn't to say that noone should be doing this. The fact that doctors felt they had to shows how poor a job the authorities are doing in terms of educating the public regarding the risks of gun ownership and how to mitigate them. That still doesn't make it right for the doctors to push this agenda though, this is a political issue and for the most part health services should remain apolitical.


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