Flashback: The Quest for Identity


What a great game!!

As many have already said in the comments: Thanks for the memories!

I played it on a Sega Genesis I bought with my brothers, in the mid 90's. We had to pool our savings and in the end got the console, 2 controllers and 5 o 6 games. Flashback was by far the best of them.

At that time, I was on high school, and was just starting to learn English, so my level was bad, to say the least (not that it is stellar now...). I remember the struggle to understand the dialogs and the plot, with a dictionary by my side. In the end I and my brothers played it so many times we knew it by heart... but it was a great way to learn English

Oh, and the phrase "you're too young to drink... beat it" the bartender says when you question him about the Replicants baffled us to no end. The expression "beat it" remained meaningless for us for years!


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