HP lays cuckoo egg in Microsoft nest

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You HP rant:

I see your bluff. What hardware do you buy on those terms? Microsoft's latest OS to have all support removed is Windows 2000, and I am not expecting ANY manufacturer to support obsolete PC's. Or are you asking for Win7 compatible BIOS versions for Pentium 3 machines? Please explain.

About WebOS: WebOS would have a niche market at best on the corporate sector, so if anyone is thinking that Windows is being replaced they are deluded.

I'd expect WebOS coming in three flavors:

The WebOS may come as a Splashtop incarnation. Most - if not all HP business laptops already have the "Quickweb" software which is a dualboot feature allowing instant-on (well, a few seconds that is) web browsing. HP is licensing the software from Splashtop Inc and considering their marketshare they are also paying a lot - this could save some money on the side.

The other use would be to replace Windows in low powered net-oriented laptops where Windows is too taxing, just like Asus EEE line used Linux. HP hasn't been a player on the el-cheapo laptop market but this is one way to stand out IF they can execute the WebOS experience right off the bat.

Thirdly, WebOS could also be used on some HP's thin clients as long as it will have the required Citrix/TS/etc clients. HP already has their Thinpro Linux OS which fits into a 128MB flash on the cheapest ARM based thin clients. WebOS has a history of fitting into ARM based cell phones and such devices so it would be a logical selection here.


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