back to article Samsung slurps Internet of Home Stuff upstart SmartThings

Samsung is all set to slurp home automation platform SmartThings in another manoeuvre to prime the firm for the Internet of Stuff – if it should ever arrive. SmartThings is a platform that connects a range of consumer IoT devices for the house together into a smartphone app that works on iOS and Android. The company is a …

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Industry Standard

It seems to me Samsung would make an acquisition to give themselves a competitive edge, whilst they would enter an alliance if they were trying to forge a industry standard. So the acquisition may be good for adding SmartThings IoT functionality to Samsung kit, but I'm not holding my breath that it will become an industry standard.

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The worse it gets, the better it is!

A third player and another round of incompatible would-be standards will slow down the IoT adoption, at least for a while.

Microsoft, it's your move now!


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