back to article Fusion-io takes DIMM view of flash cards ... Diablo goes for broke

Fusion-io's chief operating officer Lance Smith is going around lancing the boil that is the flash DIMM – flash memory interfaced to a server's memory bus instead of its slower PCIe interface – but he's facing a challenge from Diablo Technologies. Flash DIMM technology is provided by Diablo Technology to SanDisk, which has used …


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NVDIMMs can be much faster

There are two types of NVDIMM. One is a flash block-IO device using the DIMM memory bus, and the other is a DRAM memory with a flash backup on power failure.

The latter runs at DRAM speed, and can be directly addressed by register-memory instructions. That leaves FusionIO, and PCIe generally, in the dust, but using the capability needs some software changes.

So the speed argument only applies to the other type of NVDIMM, which is still tied to the storage software stack in the OS and the moving of 4KB blocks of data.

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Why would you call a product UlltraDIMM?

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Blade servers is the point for me

A blade server has limited IO slots but can have lots of DIMM slots.

With DDR4 RAM I could see a two or four socket server with more ability to run Diablo style memory modules than I could be able to get from FusionIO which may only be able to one card in depending on the blade model.

There are enterprise applications not just trader apps that could use Flash DIMMs as a read cache where large lists of catalog items could be cached instead off called from disks in a blade server format.

In blades getting 3rd party parts is difficult, while I can see competition for DIMM based format solutions being a compelling function.

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