back to article You've heard of the internet, right? Well this here might just be the INTERCLOUD

Equinix has removed one of the most intractable stumbling blocks in cloud computing's evolution from a high-price, differentiated market into one of low-cost utilities – by making it trivial for customers to suck data out of one provider and pour it into another. The colocation provider announced its Cloud Exchange service on …


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...standard cloud ingress/egress charges will still apply? Also, we were advised that Microsoft will not accept customer hard drives at their data centers, only data sent over the wire; would anyone happen to have experience in the US to the contrary?

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This is a tremendous step forward for "on demand" computing and storage, as IBM used to say

Provided of course you're happy with your business being that of the US Govt, also "on demand."

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Doesn't this sound like a cloud to cloud IXC????

Or, do I have it wrong?

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Re: OK??

Yeah almost identical to what Telecity announced last year..,


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the customer can immediately slurp data out of Provider A via a dedicated connection, shuttle it through the owned servers, then spurt it up into Provider B.

Most cloud providers go out of their way to dissuade you from doing this. For instance, Amazon won't charge you to load data in to their cloud storage, but there is a fee when you pull it out.

I also take umbrage at 'immediately'. You can immediately start the process, but it can take days or weeks to transfer a large dataset from one DC to another, even if they are yards apart and have great fat wads of fibre connecting them.


Utility? Really?

There is a fundamental difference everyone seems to overlook between cloud computing, and what might be called a "utility."

In the case of a utility, the SERVICE is brought to you directly. Not just access to the service. Not just the infrastructure for the service. The actual service itself. In cloud computing, YOU must go to the service (by SENDING YOUR data (at the least), and SENDING YOUR program) to the provider who makes available a platform upon which to perform the associated processing.

It's about as much a utility as the exchequer is a utility, or as much as the passport office is a utility.

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