back to article Overland Storage in fiendish reverse stock split share value ploy

Overland Storage, the troubled tape and low-end scale-out disk array storage vendor, is wanting to do a reverse stock split to get its share price up above the Nasdaq exit level. This is revealed in an SEC Form-8K filing by Overland. It states: "On April 3, 2014, the Board of Directors of the Company approved a one-for-five (1- …


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"reverse stock split"

Oh, you mean a consolidation.

(I'm getting a sense of deja vu that I've seen and commented on similar butchery of the english language in a story like this in the past)

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One of these days a government will do...

...something similar. Need to "re-value" its currency so that the trillion dollar bill that will barely buy a cup of coffee will be reduced to only a thousand dollar bill for the cup of coffee.

Could happen, you never know.

Note: When I was growing up, a cup of coffee could be had for a measly $0.10, now it is up to $1.00. Times have changed, of course, as they had silver in the coins as well, so they were really worth something. Good luck with that now, as pennies (in the USA) now cost more than $0.01 to produce. Go figure!

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