back to article Silicon Valley wage collusion case will go to court

Silicon Valley companies will be lining up in front of Judge Lucy Koh to defend themselves over their notorious anti-poaching agreements at the end of May, after the judge denied their attempt to have the case tossed out. Judge Koh has slapped down the attempt by Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe seeking summary judgement in the …


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Poor Koh

Seems like she has to deal with these tech companies' bullshit on a weekly basis.

Anonymous Coward

"We were trying to fight the gentrification of San Francisco by keeping tech salaries low"

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Paris Hilton

Sympathy? Pah!

Judges, legal professionals, ... all this means is that there is more work on the go, a fuller intray, more on the To Do list and above all: more income to be had and if lucky the case might be drawn out for months concluding just in time for Christmas 2014 and that lovely new cottage in California?

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Re: Sympathy? Pah!

Maybe they should outource the justice system to a country with a low wage but skilled workforce and put them on zero-hours contracts? That would get the costs down.

Big Brother

How the nice guys have fallen...

It's interesting to me that these are all companies I used to really like. They made great products to meet pressing needs, made my life happier. That was then.

Now they make mediocre products designed to lock down their customers and prevent competition. In their incredible hubris, they decided they could stifle competition for good employees too. I doubt it happens, but I hope they're each fined billions. Arrogant bastards.


What did I miss??

OK, what am I missing here???

They are getting in trouble because they agreed to NOT actively poach staff from each other?

And is sharing staff salaries illegal? Usually companies want to keep that secret too, but I don't think it is illegal to share as long as they don't include names etc... In Texas EVERY state employee's salary is public record...complete with names, which I would have expected to be illegal.


Re: What did I miss??

Pretty soon Silicon Valley Engineers are going to be agitating for a holiday on Juneteenth.

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