back to article Full Disclosure redux: under new management

Seclists.org convenor Gordon Lyon (also author and maintainer of Nmap) has decided that the Full Disclosure list is too important a resource to let slide away into history, and has announced that he'll relaunch it. As http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/03/19/full_disclosure_closes/ reported last week, Full Disclosure's John …


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Great idea, but there's just one thing

Don't base the site in the US.

ISPs in other countries are much less inclined to bend over and spread just because some nitwit files a complaint in the US.

Also, DMCA is not valid outside US territory, and that removes a very efficient take down mechanism.


Re: Great idea, but there's just one thing

That's exactly why this is a mailing list rather than a website. Everyone can create an archive whereever they want. Just as the archives of the old FD list are available all over the place.

Besides, Fyodor has repeatedly proven his backbone in the face of takedown 'requests' and the like over the years.


Excellent news!

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