back to article SpectraLogic asks US patent office to probe Overland patent

Tape library supplier SpectraLogic has petitioned the United States Patent and Trademark Office to review one of the patents which lies at the heart of an IP infringement lawsuit it has been battling since 2012. The patent's holder, Overland Storage, is a distressed tape library and scale-out disk array storage vendor currently …


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Taking the ball home

Can't make a profit?

Hey, let's just try and stop anyone else from doing so.

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Re: Taking the ball home

Not in all instances. The whole point of a patent is to protect your invention so you CAN make a profit, otherwise it will always be those with the best economies of scale, who will. I agree that this has been abused, born from "dodgy" patents used to stifle genuine competition rather than to protect an invention. But that is a government/law issue to resolve.


Digging in the bucket again eh El Reg?

I know it's New Year and the El Reg staff are probably three sheets to the wind but couldn't you actually discuss the merits of the patent rather than just writing another sewage story?

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