back to article Nextgen rolls 100G, muxes about to 400G

Nextgen Networks is rolling out 100 Gbps as the next upgrade to its network, with plans afoot to kick that along to 400 Gbps as demand rises. The 400 Gbps capability has already been tested, Nextgen says, as a proof of concept with its supplier Alcatel-Lucent – on a live network, without interrupting customer traffic. The …


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unregenerated ?

"the network is running un-regenerated on all links including the Adelaide-Perth connections" That is seriously good kit! Now why cant we get decent fiber to the house in this country if a telco backbone can do that ? For once, "build it and they will come" is true aside from pr0n. Love to able to stream the few movies I deem worthy of passing attention or catch up with what passes for TV when it suits me. It is a long way into town for a mere 2.5 hours of amusement. As it is, more mass media is getting skipped because the add breaks are so frequent and prolonged I struggle to perceive the "story" I was intending to view. Oh, and having a life means I cant be bothered watching lowest common denominator bogan crap either. And the dreary waffle of recycled marxists rabbiting on as intellectuals is not an alternative, even on ABC.

ElReg is a necessary part of ones mental life support in these benighted days.

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Re: unregenerated ?

I had to look up how far that is though I assumed it from pretty far from context.

While that's impressive, you can always make up for attenuation loss by using a stronger signal at the input, as well as having a receiver able to amplify the signal as necessary while introducing as little noise as possible. The cost of doing that is practical when you're doing a small number of links, but not so practical to do that for millions of homes.

Sort of like the difference in cost between consumer satellite dishes and those used by major broadcast networks.

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