back to article China opens its ears to snooping in foreign tongues

China’s fearsome censorship and surveillance apparatus just got even more intimidating after the introduction of new technology to track communications in regional languages other than the Mandarin/Putonghua spoken in most of the country. The unnamed system was developed by Tsinghua university’s Centre for Intelligent Image and …


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"Such attacks are extremely rare in the People’s Republic, in part because of the huge resources it devotes to monitoring its citizens..."

Oh, now I know why such attacks are extremely rare in Western democracies as well... Really, El Reg, that is the reason?


China is just as much a target for Islamist terrorism as anywhere else. Uyghur militants have fought in Afghanistan (which borders on East Turkestan) and ended up at Guantanamo. They've now been resettled in Albania, Palau, Bermuda and El Salvador, because sending them back to China would be a death sentence.

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Oooooh boy, Brazil is going to meet Minority Report

Automating government repression.

I seriously wonder what kind of immorality is required to accept that kind of job. For a bit, I'm almost ready to believe the conspiracy theories on Lizard People dominating the world behind the scenes....

On the other hand, I'm guessing that the NSA is going to be calling Chinese consultants in great numbers in the coming years.

The fight for our privacy is being lost to general indifference, the upcoming fight for our liberty is going to cost us much, much more.

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