back to article Microsoft's Techdays Online: Steve Ballmer speaks

Microsoft TechDays Online is a splendid opportunity for IT pros and developers to beef up on the latest developments in Microsoft client, server, cloud, system management and developer tools technologies. This year it comes with quite some added incentive too – Steve Ballmer will be here to answer questions on any developments …


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PR fail...

"Email if you have specific questions for Steve." - why can I see this being a bigger and more epic fail that the recent #AskBG fiasco? :)



...for the highly detailed agenda that you lifted right off web page.

"yes boss, I need to work from home for 3 days on this webinar about....erm....stuff! Yes, of course it's productive time 'cos the stuff may or may not be on our road map"


Microsoft tech dept: the blind leading the blind ?

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Why Bother?

All new strategies, development tools, platforms and the like to hear about. Ten or fifeen years ago I would have inhaled every word, examined every diagram and followed every line of code.

Now, I just can't face being led down another development dead-end for a platform or a methodology which the same company will make extinct in three or four years and refuse to support or host in six.


"Steve Ballmer will be here to answer questions..."

O RLY? About what, the entire LOST DECADE, the now obviously utterly broken product pipeline that cannot even deliver software updates without breaking things left and right, including its own OS and devices?

Jesus, just keep throwing your chairs and STFU Stevie B, remain silent and then you might get to stay on for the next 6-8 months - but as things go now I doubt you will last until the end of this year... one more royal fuckup like the current string of utterly incompetent launches/updates/etc, like screwing up Xbox One launch or similar and you are OUT, immediately, in the most humiliating manner.

FYI pretty much ALL shareholders (sans Billy Buddy and your illks) are out to get you, with knives out, waiting for just another one of your signature missteps to finally butcher you the same way you killed most of the creativity, opportunities, products etc at MSFT during your 10+ years long reign.

"...on any developments in the Windows platform and its expanding family of devices."

Yeah right - after reading this line one might even believe he knows something about all these things...

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