back to article Microsoft wades into cloud with new services, takes the fight to Amazon

Microsoft has tried to close the distance between Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services by confronting the threat posed by Bezos & Co's cloud. The company announced a range of new cloud services on Monday, and server chief Satya Nadella gave a briefing in San Francisco in which he sought to bolster Redmond's cloud credibility. …


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missing piece ?

Does Amazon Web Services also need to come with a email, office suite service for the micro, small & mid-size business?

Or is this not a target/business for them?

It would be nice to see an Amazon solutions against Microsoft with Office 365, and

Google gmail, docs and IBM Lotus ...

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Amazon office offering

So far, it's Google Apps v Office365, and Azure v Google Cloud v AWS: Amazon haven't shown an interest in the office side, just cloud services.

It's not hard to imagine them offering some sort of e-mail service, though - they're already added static web hosting, DNS and e-mail sending facilities; putting inbound (MX), spam filtering, POP3/IMAP wouldn't be a huge departure. Trying to offer their own office suite, though? That would be a huge leap for them, and a strange direction to move in, too.

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