back to article Microsoft explains its new financial reporting structure – sort of

In a meeting with financial analysts on Thursday, Microsoft for the first time disclosed details of its new financial reporting structure, in light of the radical organizational restructuring that CEO Steve Ballmer announced in July. As we were told, gone are the classic five business groups units – Windows, Server and Tools, …


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You're surprised?

With the PC market in terminal decline, Microsoft is going to have a harder time hiding the loss making divisions (i.e., pretty much everything that isn't Windows or enterprise related) Now they have the additional problem of hiding the scale of revenue & profit declines on the cash cow Windows side. A reorg is just the ticket to do so, and just in case people start figuring out how to decode it, I'm sure there will be another reorg in a year by Elop or whoever takes Ballmer's place as CEO.

If the shareholders realized how many billions Microsoft has pissed away over the years (and how fortunate they are that Yahoo declined their offer, preventing a loss of tens of billions more) they'd have revolted against Monkey Boy years ago.

Microsoft probably would have been better off if the FTC has required they be broken up, they could have had the Windows & Enterprise business in a separate company tossing off utility-style dividends like clockwork, and let IE and the rest of the Internet/Home stuff sink or swim on its own without relying on digging into the gigantic Windows piggybank to keep them going. Maybe a company unable to lose unlimited money with no consequences for bad decisions wouldn't have been caught flat footed by Blackberry and later iPhone in the mobile space and Google and Facebook in the Internet space over the past 13 years!

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There's lies, damned lies, and then there's...

"Even more perplexing, D&C Licensing also lumps in revenues from Windows Phone, and not just from OS licensing, either. Microsoft has thrown revenue from patent licensing into the mix, too, including Windows Phone patents and the patents it licenses to makers of Android phones, which muddies the revenue picture somewhat."

"Perplexing" El Reg, really?

Methinks we can all look forward to euphoric squeals of "growth" in M$'s Android trolling "mobile" sector from RICHTO and his ilk in the imminent future.

Colour me not-perplexed.


Classic case of a company running scared

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Looks like a foundation designed for fraud.

Hide the losses, disguise the failures...

Just when does this become a case of defrauding investors?

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