back to article SolAce, Team Arrow inch towards Solar Challenge starting line

The University of Western Sydney will soon be heading north with its World Solar Challenge entrant, while in Queensland, Team Arrow is getting ready for a pre-race public run on the weekend of 14 September. The UWS team, SolAce, under construction since 2011, had its public launch on August 29 at the university's Parramatta …


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Possibly *the* even that has pushed the SOA of electric vehicles and solar.

Perhaps a retrospective on how far the tech has come is in order?

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"The Tritium-powered Arrow vehicle"

Er, I assume this is a brand name of some sort, and that the car doesn't have it's own fusion reactor?

(arguably all of the cars will be powered by a fusion reactor, one sensibly kept a long way away, in the center of the solar system)

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Calling the SPB

The Register ought to get an entry in. After all, if a solar powered car can be made to work in Britain, it ought to sail to easy victory in this race.


Unashamed link dropping

When the last WSC took place, Jeroen Haringman provided a really comprehensive, near-real-time coverage on his solar power enthusiast website

Now there's also specifically dedicated to solar racing. I expect him to excel again.

Of course there's the official, which had an online tracker running during WSC11. Unfortunately this tracker, as many Register readers and commentards may remember, didn't quite work so well due to network problems.

Since Lester Haines is too busy fondling Lohan this year, we will probably not get as much on-site news, but I'll hope for a good coverage anyway.

Oh, and Lester: Hands off her brastrap, please. She might go off unnecessarily . . .


I hope those things have air con and roo bars

The "Build Up" has come early this year to Darwin. That's the time of year between the Dry and the Wet season that sends all the locals mental (or to the pub, or both). Temperature and humidity are really starting to crank up.

Looking at the SolAce entry it seems that they want to do the best job they can at steam-cooking their driver.

Plus, I had a reminder this weekend of how poorly roos and wallabies judge speed and distance this weekend when one of them decided to commit suicide by diving headfirst under my car. Thankfully it wasn't an endangered species and it was killed outright, also it was a small wallaby so collecting it didn't kill us. Big reds in the center of Australia are well known for obliterating trucks and cars that run into them. I don't think a solar car would have any chance at all against one of them.

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