back to article Joyless times at cloudy Joyent: CTO packs bags, heads for hills

Cofounder Jason Hoffman is resigning from his chief technology officer position at cloud computing provider Joyent. In a blog on the company's website he writes, "I cofounded Joyent 10 years ago when I was working as a scientist and looking for a better way to run compute on my data... [The] 'think differently' spirit of …


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Anonymous Coward

Joyent is doing FAN-TASTIC!

Their OpenSolaris fork is a dud, nobody is using their products, they don't even register on the radar screen in terms of cloud computing providers, and their service generally sucks.


Oh, and their CTO just quit, because he wants to pursue some new and interesting ideas, on a different cloud perhaps.

Not to worry, this is all part of their business plan. This IPO is going to ex-plooooooode, Dude!

Silver badge

"doesn't say what they are"

...maybe to work for a place whose name doesn't cause people to repeat it incredulously upon first hearing?

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