back to article Think tank wants dedicated infosec minister, 'modern' data retention

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) has issued an “Agenda for Change” (PDF) that suggests data retention is a necessary centrepiece of Australia's future homeland security needs. The document's introduction, penned by ASPI Chair Stephen Loosley, says “Cyber espionage is the newest and most serious challenge to …


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Anonymous Coward

Minister for InfoSec eh?

I certainly can think of many politicians with the thorough understanding of IT required to understand the issues involved in that role. Not.


The sad fact is that every country will need cybersecurity units, or China and the USA will walk all over the local companies, stealing their IP, reading their mails, listening to their phonecalls, and tipping off their own companies in contract bidding.

The even sadder fact is that this is not really what western politicians want to stop. No, they use it as a pretext for limiting the freedom of the country's own citizens. All western governments today see themselves as working for the benefit of companies and special interests, while their citizens are malicious and potentially dangerous livestock who has to be strictly controlled.

Britain is building its own Great Firewall, under the guise of Protecting The Children(tm), and its law enforcement can monitor any website it wants. France and Sweden already log everything their citizens do on-line, and police and secret service can go on fishing expeditions in the logs at their leisure. And the US, of course, spies on everyone, all the time.

It disturbs me to see so many commenters who apparently think that these are doomed projects, that it's impossible to monitor everyone all the time on the net, that it's easy to bypass these measures. They're deluding themselves.

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