back to article Seagate: Storage industry ill-prepared for onrushing big data tsunami

The world is producing such a rapidly surging amount of data that the storage industry – both solid-state drives (SSDs) and hard-disk drives (HDDs) – will be hard-pressed to keep up with demand, says one storage-industry insider. "You can take that as a crisis; we see it as an opportunity," HDD manufacturer Seagate's SVP in …


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How much of this data is actually used?

I have a folder containing the family photos. Several gigabytes. No-one is ever, ever going to look at this. The family have no reason to look back at what we were up to on the holiday in Skegness of 1998. Yet the data still remains because.... well, it's policy to retain the family photos indefinitely.

I imagine much the same goes on at the corporate level. Gigantic mountains of useless data kept either for reasons of regulatory compliance or because storage is cheap, and it just might come in handy some day in future.

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So, storage is going to get even cheaper ?

Good news. I just have to wait a few more years to get my first petabyte disk.

Don't know if it'll be magnetic, hybrid SSD or magneto-optical, but it will be a petabyte.


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