back to article Actifio plans wider data management portfolio

Upstart storage startup Actifio has quickly made a splash with its “copy data” products, but the company has already set its sights on a more comprehensive suite of data management tools including business intelligence wares. Speaking to The Reg in Sydney today, Actifio founder and CEO Ash Ashutosh said the company's eyeing off …


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that's quite a bit of hype there batman

From some folks I have spoken with who have dealt with Actifio the reality is not quite as rosy as these articles seem to depict.

I'll leave it at that though..


Re: that's quite a bit of hype there batman

I'm not sure who you spoke to, Nate, but I wonder if he was drinking from an EMC coffee cup at the time.

Anyone who'd like to hear from customers and partners directly can do so here:

We're for real, Batman.

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Guess it will depend if they support their ISV well and their ISVs produce good projects

Typical pattern with small co's is they support their top few big companies and everyone else slides.

If they support their ISVs well and create an ecosystem around the product (while staying independent) they could become a major player.

Could work. Thumbs up for their success so far.


I am in the trenches and I promise you its real

Hey Nate.

I have been with Actifio for 15 months and have brought on multiple customers who are universally happy.

We just did a launch event in Sydney and five customers presented and did an open Q&A session with the audience including press and lots of potential clients. It was a great session with great feedback from open and honest customers who were not cherry picked for the panel.

Still don't take my word for it. Why not chat with the CIO of IAG NZ:

His most recent tweet was sent just after the event where he said:

"Spent the day at @actifio APAC launch sharing our story about their product. Great product backed by some really great people."

He is a client who has bought three of our Copy Data Engines.

Or chat with Keith from Equity Insurance:

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