back to article Yahoo! slurps! up! auto-shorteur! vidapp! Qwiki!

If you thought Yahoo!'s spending spree was slowing down, you were wrong. The exclamatory firm has just snapped up video app Qwiki for a reported $50m. Rumours of the Purple Palace's interest in splurging cash on the iPhone app started circulating last week, when AllThingsD said the acquisition was likely. Yahoo! said on its …


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Poison pill?

The only two scenarios here that seem likely are:

A. Someone has their eye on a hostile takeover of Yahoo!, and Yahoo!'s accumulating debt to make themselves a less attractive target.

B. Yahoo! is in full panic mode and aquiring anything and everthing to see what sticks, like a drowning victim flailing around and grabbing at straws.

I really hope it's the former.

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The! Exclamation! Points! Are! Back!

Here we are with the !!!!!!!!s again. You're only doing that to wind us up, aren't ya?

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