back to article Former Fusion-io CEO just wasn't that into operations, says new broom

Fusion-io CEO and co-founder David Flynn resigned because he realised he didn't have the operational management skills needed to grow Fusion-io into a global business. That, in a nutshell, is what we understand after talking to replacement CEO Shane Robison. First Robison, who is also Fusion-io's chairman and president, wanted …


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Since when has a CEO had to be an operations expert? Surely this is why you recruit an Operations Director?

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It's the new cult of the superstar, football has it as well. And education, as it happens.

It's no longer good enough to be good enough.

You have to be a superstar CEO a la Branson, or Supercoach and win the league every year, or be a Superhead running three high schools and having a part time job on the side.

And it's worked well for the banks, hasn't it?

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Re: Fashion

You fail to mention the difference is he chose to step down himself. As I had said, in the previous article, the old CEO was in it for the money, and when first sign of trouble comes, it's time to head for the exit.

That's _always_ been the fashion of Wall St. Big IPO, big pay out, then it's a matter of "that last guy out the door is a loser" situation. Apart from a very few exceptions.

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Smart Guy for stepping down...

Silicon Valley is littered with companies which have had CEO and Founders who had good ideas but failed to execute on them.

Its rare for a company's founder to be the CEO and have the company survive.

For every successful founder that ends up being a successful CEO, you can find 10+ who's company has failed due to their lack of leadership ability.

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