back to article Red Hat emulates Fedora Linux project with RDO OpenStack community

OpenStack is sometimes called the Linux for clouds, and Red Hat, the dominant Linux distributor, seems to be all over that. The firm is now working to bring its Red Hat OpenStack distribution into the ever-crowding field of companies that want to peddle supported distributions of this cloud control freak. Red Hat Open Stack, or …


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The RDO community, which is parked at

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RDO = ?

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Oh sorry, wrong company. Time for a beer (it is well time where I am at the moment)

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Bye vCenter / vCloud Director...

With Microsoft basically giving away Hyper-V + enough tools to manage basic deployments without System Center, and all the traditional Linux users/vendors (Red Hat, IBM, etc.) moving towards OpenStack, VMWare is going to have to change their model a bit. I guess it was only a matter of time -- I've said in the past that all the OpenStack guys needed was a big vendor to herd the cats and a decent front end to everything that doesn't require a specialized staff just to maintain.

That's exactly what Red Hat did for Linux -- set a sane enterprise release schedule, cut back the thousands of choices open source gives you to a manageable number, put up a sane and nice enough front end for all the OSS stuff under the hood, and provide decent support.

I definitely see OpenStack gaining ground in medium sized installations where Windows isn't necessarily the technology of choice and the pockets aren't deep enough to buy VMWare, or worse, VCE vBlock stuff.

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sorry -- busy getting this set up on a set of retired hardware for testing

I have SOOO been waiting for this ....

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