back to article Nasdaq chief's large package shrinks after terrible Facebook blow

Nasdaq OMX has brutally slashed its chief's 2012 bonus by over half a million dollars because of the Facebook IPOcalypse. The market said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that Robert Greifeld's bonus for last year would be shaved by 62 per cent, although naturally that still leaves him with a not- …


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Kraft dinner and hamburger helper (without the hamburger) all round. Poor babies, how are they expected to live on that?

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The big important people making these decisions (and many in the GOP) think reducing bonuses of those truly responsible by half a million dollars incurs the same pain as firing IT people until their salaries add up to half a million. That is if you are some big important person (ie sociopath with connections or better known as an executive) then you get your big bonus docked for screwing up. If you are some peon then you simply get shown the door.

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