back to article Canada rejects US bid for Megaupload info, kind of

As the Megaupload cases in New Zealand and America grind on, the Department of Justice has been handed a small rebuff in Canada, with an Ontario court rejected its request for access to all data on servers seized in that country. Michael Geist reports that the judgment was handed down last week. Thirty-two servers were seized …


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Shoulda used the buzz word "Cloud". Seems everyone is creaming crazy for "Cloud" these days.


Hound him, hound him, hound him

The American D of J will hound him and persecute him until he gives in or commits suicide.

Because that is what they are about.

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Re: Hound him, hound him, hound him

that is what they are about

US law ain't got no class.

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IANAL, but the quote:

“The Respondent’s position is that there is an enormous volume of information on the servers and that sending mirror image copies of all of this data would be overly broad, particularly in light of the scantiness of the evidence connecting these servers to the crimes alleged by the American prosecutors”, the judgment notes.

strikes me as an eloquent way of saying, "Take your fishing expedition request and bugger off."

Penguins are good at fishing, too.

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Nice to know Canadian judgs are independent of conservative pols, even more so at the Supreme Court

The US Federal judges seem to be lackies for the Department of Justice, even though they have life tenure.

In Canada we have a different set of laws and a far less subservient bunch of judges. If the US DoJ ever works it's way up to the Canadian Supreme Court they will meet a bunch of totally independent Beaks who think nothing of voting down bad law.

Things might be getting interesting.


They could...

... threaten to bomb Canada if they don't get full access.

It works in the middle east after all, and it does seem an appropriate response to the crime of insubordination!

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