back to article WCIT leak: CHAOS will REIGN if telco talks fail

As delegates prepare for the intolerable privation of a five-star junket in Dubai to debate re-framing the decades-old International Telecommunications Regulations (ITRs), a leaked management briefing from September warns that chaos may reign if the talks don’t reach a consensus outcome. The document (at WCIT Leaks, here (PDF)) …


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Probably the posts here will devolve into another America the world policeman/bully diatribe (somewhat earned of course) but honestly with the other side being Africa, Russia and the Arab states that is a very tough team to cheer for as well. Where's the white knight?

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Well, the analysis is quite interesting - especially "Items where there is divergence between Africa/Arab/RCC versus Asia/Europe." The ITU claims that the disagreement is about the flow of funds only - but innocent little items like "Make certain ITU-T Recommendations binding", "Use of terms such as “shall ensure” versus “should encourage”" and "New provision on transparency of routing" are about control, pure and simple. Let's hope for a median outcome.

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