back to article Your job's going to Asia, in a good way

IT spending in APAC will grow by nearly eight per cent over the coming year to $743bn, with Western markets set to benefit eventually as successful Asian firms expand and hire abroad, according to analyst outfit Gartner. The firm forecast spending in APAC to increase 7.8 per cent year-on-year in 2013, more than double the …


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outsourced by the outsourcers

wonder how low the pay cheque will be.

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Re: outsourced by the outsourcers

We'll probably have to pay them.

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I doupt it

There is China where a high tech enterprise can only set up shop by creating a joint venture with a local company. In India by law bank transactions have to be processed inside India.

Because there is now a growing requirement to convert legacy business processes that are highly manual to IT operations you think the US and the EU will benefit from it? Maybe only for 3 - 6 months, and only to consult on laws and industry legislations they will need to observe when doing business in the West.

We're in a world where even medical X-ray pictures are taken here but analyzed in India, accounting is on the Phillippines, the hardware is made in China and HR and the helpcentre is again in India. R&D is again in China and software development is in India.

We will not win much by a growth in IT spending in APAC.

We will win by creating Galileo.

We will win by abandoning the dreadful, outdated, old technologies, such as the TCP/IP protocol (

We will win by developoing new technologies (

We will win by introducing a law which forces multinational high tech enterprises to create a joint venture with a local company and a law which mandates that bank transactions are processed within the US respectively the EU.

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Dark data

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