back to article Intel in Flash flush, offers 'smoother' fresh jobbie to data centre bods

Intel has replaced its data centre-class 710 SSD - and its poor write performance - with a DC S3700 that reads twice as fast and writes 15 times faster. The DC, standing for Data Centre, S3700 uses the same 25nm High-Endurance Technology (HET) multi-level cell NAND as the 710 - it was announced roughly only a year ago after all …


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Interesting article.

But why cripple it with a stupid headline? May be suitable for Bootnotes, but this isn't on Bootnotes.

The time you save thinking up laboured, 'clever' headlines could be better spent on other things. Even having a drink in the pub.


Are the old issues fixed?

I thought I read somewhere that these models had a capacitor to keep the write cache from being lost on power outage. The X-25s were known to have issues where data was lost even if write barriers were turned on.


Even worse, when the SSDs where set in the modes to flush transactions to disk reliably the performance was about the same as a raid setup.


*As I'm writing this I've read that the 710 has "Enhanced Power Loss Data Protection" that should protect the drive from power loss. I can't wait to see this benchmarked and trialed on real database loads.

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