back to article The Cloud made of Penguins: Open source goes 'industrial scale'

Thanks to projects like OpenStack and the mighty operation that is Amazon’s EC2, open source and Linux are quickly becoming the building blocks of “cloud” computing. OpenStack, which started life in 2010, releases compute, storage, networking and other components under an Apache licence, and it is being adopted by huge companies …


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Great where do I sign up?

I would love our next software product to be written in the cloud by collaboration rather than locking programmers in a room. Where do I click to do this ?

Do I need to do anything to make the result FDA approved like our other software or is that just part of the cloudy-goodness? I need it to talk to our scanner hardware, can I get a cloud CT scanner?

ps Can I have a pony aswell? Or do you just get unicorns with the cloud?


Re: Great where do I sign up?

If you consider an XML or HTML document a tree (elements within elements) and directory structure as a tree, why the separation between the file tree and the directory tree?

Many places access a Linux workhorse computer (farm) through an X-Windows* server running on a Windows desktop machine.

* I heard, X-Windows has a server displaying the graphics and gathering the keyboard and mouse input, for an X-Windows client application running remotely.

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I would say that the cloud is held up by a raft of penguins!

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