back to article Windows Server 2012: Microsoft's other Big Push

In 1985, Commodore held the UK launch of the Amiga 1000 at the World of Commodore Show at the Novotel in Hammersmith. Twenty-seven years later, Microsoft used the same venue to host the Technical Launch of Windows Server 2012. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 UK technical launch day The Amiga was Commodore's response to the …


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Where do you draw the line?

RDP was included as standard for two sessions (pay for more) at Win 2000, this did for PCAnywhere, but didn't for Citrix, I don't think it's an unreasonable inclusion for an OS. However, it appears that a media player and a web browser are.

I don't think that giving a couple of VMs away for free, with more costing is entirely unreasonable. Several UNIX distributions come with their own VMs.


If I were VMWare...

...I'd be worried.

Why? Well, who runs Novell Netware these days? Fifteen years ago it was king for networking PCs. Then Microsoft started to improve the networking built in to windows, provided a comparable directory service, integration with email etc...

Hyper-V may not be up to V-Sphere yet, but it will be. And at no extra cost.

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Re: If I were VMWare...

If I were VMWare, I'd also be watching my back with the open-source virtual machine platforms out there.

Ganeti with its web manager is pretty slick. Some of the others look good too.

At my work we've got one computer which we intend to use as a VM cluster. We've just got the one for now as we're evaluating how this one machine goes in terms of performance and power consumption. Basically a Intel Core i3 mini-ITX system with 8GB RAM and a 240GB SSD.

We'll probably put an order in shortly for a couple more, at which point it'll be a shoot-out between:

- Ganeti

- Ubuntu Cloud

- OpenNebula

- whatever else we think of at the time.

The plan is to have a cluster, with at least 8 of these nodes (we estimate we can get 49 of them in a 19" rack) linked up to replace our existing infrastructure which uses VMWare ESX Server.

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Why did this article take so long to be released when the launch was weeks ago?

Title says it all...

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