back to article Windows 8 wait prompts PC sales droop in EMEA

IDC has confirmed sales of PCs to distributors in Europe, the Middle East and Africa tumbled in Q3 as all the major players bought stock conservatively ahead of the launch of Windows 8. The beancounter noted "weak sell-in levels" in July and August forced a 7.7 per cent slide in shipments across EMEA and a 12.8 per cent decline …


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Bond, Batman etc

maybe people are hoping for a Reboot of Windows XP or a sensible version of Ubuntu.

I refuse to believe a tablet-centric Windows designed by Marketing Dept that played with a Zune is creating an "Osborne effect*", or "iPhone" anticipation on Windows 7 sales.

Combination of Corporates waiting for Windows 9 or 10 or better "linux" and ordinary consumers "taking the Tablets", because really most don't need a real PC.

(* Though Osborne had a near fatal drop in sales when the "new model" was announced, the reality is that we are talking late 1983, two years after the IBM PC and more than a year after the initially very successful ACT Sirius1/Victor 9000. The product and CP/M was obsolete)


And here's your article title for a couple of months time

"Windows 8 prompts PC sales droop in EMEA"

Sorry, had to be said and yes, my sig says;

Typed by a smug wanker on a Mac

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Re: And here's your article title for a couple of months time

Not likely. Windows 8 already hit the #1 spot on Amazon.

Typed by smugger Windows 8 user.

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everyone I meet is just 'uuuuh, windows 8 how much longer...?'

It couldn't be that, as said recently in the reg, that the current twin core 4gb ram, 2 tb hdd is doing fine -

does anyone think they need windows 8?

what can't windows 7 do?


Gamble to buy a new PC/laptop

What if the unlikely thing happens and win8 takes off?

People and developers love touch interface and resolution independent stuff?

Stuff on market has no touch functionality and absurdly low DPI.

I wouldn't buy anything new until win8 sp1 ships and/or ballmer& gang rightfully fired.

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That is such a bs.

Here I am running a 4year old nehalem system with Win 7. I dont see myself upgrading for, well, uhmm, another 4 years at least.


Vendors to be blamed

How hard and expensive is it to put a simple touch layer to screen as everyone knows win8 will be touch optimized?

How hard to get rid of 1366x768 not so funny joke resolution?

Ms did a great job with resolution independent UI starting with vista. They also provided touch central API and drivers for years.

Keep sticking stupid stickers, going with Intel gma junk and bundling crap. I won't blame Ms. Nobody should.


This makes no sense

This makes no sense to me. I would expect all sane customers to buy machines now so as to get Windows 7, which is useable, instead of being forced into Windows 8 by buying later.

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