back to article Telstra to extend reach of 4G network

Telstra has outlined plans to extend the reach of its 4G network, revealing today it will bathe “approximately two-thirds” 66% of Australia's population in fast wireless in the next ten months. The population coverage claim needs to be read carefully in light of Telstra's explanation that the 1,000 new base stations it plans to …


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"Fruity fanbois might also find broad lines to read between, given the allegedly imminent announcement of a new iPhone"

Given that the current fruity phone can not connect to the Big T 4G network (the fruity company was hauled over the coals and fined by the advertising watchdog for invalid/misleading 4G connectivity claims a while ago) one wonders if the new fruity phone will be capable of connecting... or if they will mysteriously go off the air when the NextG network is shutdown in metro areas.

"but also means Big T is not so keen on taking the new network into places were population densities – and revenue opportunities – are lower"

<sarcasm on>

But if you ask opponents of the NBN they will tell you that private enterprise will provide high speed connection to all.

<sarcasm off>

Of course Big T want to have their 4G network cover the maximum number of people for the minimum cost so they can gouge every last cent for an inferior overpriced service before the NBN makes them provide a decent service at a decent price.

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NBN - 50% at 12/1Mbps

NBNCo predicted in both the previous and current NBNCo Corporate Plan that 50% of fibre connections will be at 12/1Mbps. Once the heavier users are moved off 4G on to fibre, it should leave plenty of room for many low end users. Telstra are already building additional mobile towers in areas that are serviced by the NBN.

NBNCo tried and failed to prevent Optus and Telstra from marketing wireless as a competitor. At the low end of the market, Optus and Telstra can expect to win on price and speed. NBN will win on quotas. For low end users quotas won't mater.

What many are yet to appreciate is that more and more people have a mobile plan which includes a data component and tethering is easy. For people to connect to the NBN, it is an additional cost - $60+ a month if they want a faster than 4G connection. $60 will buy 8GB of extra data, which is not much for a high end users, but more than ample for many people.

I expect we will see campaigns from the mobile operators as soon as they have a bit more real world experience with their 4G networks. If the wireless operators can steal enough NBN customers, then it will push the NBN prices up making wireless more competitive.


Your grammar checker is not enabled

"... into places were population densities..."

It's "where".

Thank you.


66% of the population

That is: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and maybe Perth.

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