back to article The problem with Foxtel’s call for NBN copyright cops

Kim Williams of Foxtel has become the latest high-profile executive to demonstrate a complete misapprehension of what the NBN is. As reported here yesterday, Williams wants the National Broadband Network to become a “model” in its approach to piracy. Because he doesn’t understand the aims of the network, its architecture, or …


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'Kim Williams of Foxtel...'

Ummm, isn't he CEO of News Ltd?


Re: 'Kim Williams of Foxtel...'

He is now, yep.

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has a complete misapprehension of...

You see technical limitations, he sees technical opportunities.

Hopefully, when a person disagees with you, you understand that it's not always the other person who is wrong.


Re: has a complete misapprehension of...

Thank you David 12. Calling for stricter regulation of net content - a position broadly in line with the ambitions of much of Australia's public sector, the established content industry and many religious groups - is a call that does not fall on deaf ears. While the NBN is a layer 2 device, there is nothing stopping the government imposing special conditions of access - such conditions are probably planned as part of the end game anyway. With no other competing high speed fixed networks allowed, play the game or loose access to your customers. Stranger things have happened - http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2009/07/einstein/

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Political spin on Hi

Just another way for the various naysayers to find faux-faults with the NBN.


“73 percent say they would stop if that notification came with a threat”

Notifications with threats? Hmmm.... "You were caught pirating XYZ. Next time we're coming to kill you, kidnap your children and demand a ransom from your grieving wife!"

Yep - that should stop 73 percent of pirate downloads.



“However, capturing the business market for the NBN could provide a saviour for Macquarie Telecom’s falling telco revenues.

Chris Greig, group executive of Macquarie Telecom’s telco business, told Computerworld Australia it plans to bring NBN business plans to the market in October this year.

While the company is still working out the finer details of what its plans will comprise, he said existing business clients have already shown interest in switching onto the NBN once it is available.”

“He said so far companies are considering two options for the migration to the NBN. “There are some customers who have said, ‘I want to wait for the whole NBN to roll out across my sites and then I’ll do one project’. Then there are a number of others who have said, ‘I want to plan to roll it out as it comes through in my territory’,” he said. ”

Read the whole article. No demand?, No demand for the up to 1Gb capability which will be lifting the ARPU and lowering wholesale prices and guaranteeing the ROI for the NBN.?

Then compare with the reports on the same report in the AFR and News Ltd. rags





Then we have the CBA putting in their rwo bobs worth


Methinks the supposedly pro business Coalition doesn’t have a clue what the needs of business and the economy actually are their Playschool imitation NBN just won’t cut the mustard, so focussed on Video purely because of the threat to their masters Pay TV monopoly, economic incompetence

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