back to article Huawei US bags defence biz strategist as new CSO

Huawei has appointed a former strategist for a US defence contractor as its new chief security officer, in what could be seen as an attempt to allay Congress concerns that the firm poses a national security risk. Donald Purdy, who held the role of chief cyber security strategist at CSC, started his job as the new CSO on Tuesday …


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Couldn't agree more, Phil - a man serving in the armed forces of his country

is a most suspicious action and should be closely investigated ! Indeed, were such actions to be universally banned, we wouldn't get to see all those wars on the Telly anymore, now would we ? On the other hand, using the standard MPAA/RIAA methods of calculation, 7.6 x 10^17 USD in GDP and 100 million jobs would thereby be lost, so perhaps its best to allow business to go on - or not to go on - as usual....


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