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Everyone’s looking for the new Instagram – an app with zero revenue that was bought by Facebook for $1 billion – and there’s a lot of buzz on the web right now about video-sharing app Vyclone. Of course, there’s no shortage of apps and web sites that let you upload and share videos. However, Vyclone does more than just upload …


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I'm crushed!

I really wanted to post a reference to

Ah, done it anyway! :D

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Sounds interesting.

But it raises the question of how close is 'near by'.

For example, if I am at a festival, and upload a video from one stage, what's to say that someone else's footage from another 'near by' stage might not get mashed up into it.

I'm thinking that if I am in one tent in the dance village at Glastonbury, there is a fair chance that I am closer to someone who is 2 tents away, than if say, I was at the back of the crowd for the pyramid stage, and someone else was at the front.....

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